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Olympic Bird’s Nest Stadium: Lego-Style

The iconic Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing has been reproduced with Legos much to my inner child’s excitement.

Movie Review: Mad Max

The original installment of the Mad Max trilogy.

Olympic Data Mining II

A quick look at Military Ski Patrol – a now defunct olympic sport.

Diluting an Automobile Design Icon

A once iconic automobile design form is now rife with homogeneity

Olympic Data Mining

The bottom 10 Olympic sports ranked by number of participants.

I am 37 today

A quick gratitude list on this special day for me.

Movie Review: Nowhere in Africa

Review of Academy Award nom-
inated film set in WWII era Kenya.

Movie Review: Indiana Jones…

Movie review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Weekend todo list (7/10)

List of to do items for this weekend.