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Canes Cross New Stadium Threshold

The U look to be back in traditional form as they open the 2008/9 football season.

Adios Orange Bowl

The University of Miami Hurricanes bid farewell to the Orange Bowl with their home-opener to be played at Dolphin Stadium.

The Miami 305’s Represent The U

Draft night brings former Canes to The Miami 305’s.

The Miami 305’s Draft Night

My first foray into fantasy sports begins with tonight’s draft.

Obama – Biden Presidential Ticket

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are leaders that give me hope

Movie Review: The Fog of War

Errol Morris documentary film concerning life of Robert McNamara

Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

This film delivers on its promise of raucous and offending comedy.

When Information Architects Attack

IA Praetorians guard the practice against the non-intelligencia and its sorta ugly.

Let The Online Sports Binge Begin is enabling olympics junkies with unprecedented online video.

Slug Burger Festival

Corinth, MS hosts a yearly festival honoring its own contribution to the gastronomical ledger.



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