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Humans Not Alone In Trading Favors For Illicit Stimulants

Scientists have successfully trained bees to perform acts for small baggie of Bolivian nose powder.

Osama Bin Laden Location Theorized

Using multiple variant analysis, U.S. Academics hone in on probable location of Osama Bin Laden.

Lord Ganesh Is In My Corner Today

The Indian Deity of auspiciousness certainly was at play in the form of a very special biscuit.

Image: Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Image = NSFEP (Not Safe For Evolution Phobic)

Joe Gibbs – Farm Bureau Insurance TV

This 30 second ad aired during the Superbowl 2009 in select markets across the South.

Farm Bureau Insurance Racing Launches Website

National NASCAR website released for public consumption.

The Counterfeiters (2007): Movie Review

Award winning film depicts the life of master counterfeiter in WWII German concentration camp.

Neshoba (2008): Movie Review

Gripping documentary makes its Mississippi debut at Oxford Film Festival.

I am not MadGENIUS’ IT person.

Just because I build websites does not mean I know how to fix your computer.

Tech Talkin’ Grandma Video

She’s simply awesome and geek’s dream come true…



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