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I Miss Miami & Windsurfing

I sometimes get a little homesick and miss the wind and sun and exhilaration.

IA Summit 2009 Report

An account of my trip to Memphis, TN. for the Information Architecture Summit, 2009

HP Mini 1000

I got a new toy and i’m not sure I want to share.

Commander In Bracketology?

Obama lends presidential insight into this years’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Mongol (2007): Movie Review

Biopic of a formative Genghis Khan entertaining and insightful.

I Want A Dodge Challenger

Dodge updates iconic muscle car for 2009

Hurricanes On Bubble for NCAA Tournament

The University of Miami Hurricanes Men’s Basketball team faces Virginia Tech in must-win opening round of the ACC Tournament.

Scanwiches Are Delish

High quality imagery of yummy looking sandwiches.

McMashups That May Be McHazzardous To Your Health

The McSURFnTURF and The McGangBang – Combining the uncombineable…

Bulk Movie Review

A quick and dirty categorization of recent movies I’ve watched.