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The Spruce? You Can’t Handle The Spruce!

Vintage lumberjack photos are cool.

Arlen Specter – Democratic Senator, Comedian

Video of Democratic Senator Arlen Specter quite funny.

Evel Knievel Info Graphic

A catalog of this American daredevil’s death defying antics.

A Note To PBS Video (beta)

RE: Your new video website

IBM Creating Jeopardy-Playing Computer

Computer to be capable of competing against human opponents.

New Photos Uploaded

Photos from Winter – Spring 2009

Marlins Picked to Win World Series

Six year World Series cycle set to repeat in 2009

Another Sign Of The Pending American Fat-Pocolypse

Domino’s Pizza creates world’s most efficient carbohydrate delivery device.

El Noleo Fantastico

MadGENIUS Art Director, Chris Nolen, launches his personal site.

Jackson Tea Party Held In Protest Of Taxes

‘Grassroots’ campaign sponsored by Fox News and pushed by local conservative radio.



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