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The University of Miami Unveils New Visual Identity, Website

The U now reigns supreme as the central icon for the University of Miami.

IKEA Switches To Verdana

Design-friendly IKEA selects a web-centric font for their global brand identity.

How To Disappear: An Experiment By Wired Magazine

Wired magazine reporter, Evan Ratliff, is attempting to disappear. Poof.

Dear New HP Mini,

Several desperate weeks after being burgled, I once again have an HP Mini netbook in my life.

Funny Re-Captcha

Mrs Schmuck asks me to type her name to signify I am a real person.

The Internet’s View Of Rob Rubinoff

MIT wizards have created an app that scans and categorizes internet data about an individual and then plots it out into a combined bar graph.

Adios HP Mini, Spare Change, & $4 Dollar General Aviator Sunglasses

A recent theft has brought into question my slide into not habitually locking my car.

Florida Marlins Look To Tie Obscure Baseball Record

The Florida Marlins look to match a 14 game stretch with 10+ team hits per game, something no other MLB team has done since 1937.

Laid Back On The Resevoir

Photo taken from a tube being pulled behind a boat.

Florida Marlins Lie Two Games Back In NL Wild Card Race

The Florida Marlins continue to languish in national obscurity as while remaining playoff relevant.



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