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Andre The Cage

Humorous photoshop image superimposing Nicholas Cage’s mug on none other than Andre The Giant.

Miami Hurricanes Fall To Virginia Tech. Hokies 31-7

Just a few short minutes into the contest, the Miami Hurricanes seemed doomed to defeat.

What is the difference between Ole Miss and Bret Favre?

Bret Farve is still number four.

Stormtroopers 365 Photo Project from FLIKR

Photo project chronicles the lives of two Stormtroopers over the course of one earth year (sol).

London to Brighton (2006) – Movie Review

BAFTA nominated film uncovers seedy underbelly of London

College Football Media Give Hurricanes Their Props

The national sports media are recognizing the potential of this year’s Miami Hurricanes football team

Jeopardy TV Show Set Causes 1989 Prom Flashbacks

Jeopardy set designers could have been at my prom.

Canes Crack Top 10 In Latest AP Football Poll

The Miami Hurricanes are ranked #9 in the latest NCAA AP Football poll.

The Hamburger Taxonomy

The popular hamburger-centric blog, A Hamburger Today, breaks down the many burger varieties into some 10+ unique categories. Mmmmm. Burgers. Having looked through the various phyla, class and species, I have done a pretty good job in my 38 years of experiencing a lot of what is available in the burger universe. I’ve even managed […]

Dear College Football Universe, THE U IS BACK!

Sound win over #14 Georgia Tech signals a return to national caliber play for the Miami Hurricanes.



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