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Video PSA – Douchebags Unite

Video Public Service Announcement (PSA) with a call to action for all douchebags to unite.

The Colors of National Flags

Shahee Ilyas, a new media designer, has created an info graphic that demonstrates the colors used in national flags for some 200 countries. Also included in the work are a series of individual graphics for each of the sampled countries. View the Flags by Colours project

50 Years of Space Exploration – Infographic

Beautiful infographic showing a history of space exploration.

Adobe Labs Teases Universe With Content Aware Fills

New Photoshop feature amazingly creates realistic photo backgrounds

Miami Hurricanes Suffer Season Imperilling Overtime Loss To Clemson Tigers

The Miami Hurricanes’ loss to the Clemson Tigers dashes all hopes for an ACC title.

KFC Tries Its Hand At Creating Novel Food Mashup Menu Item

KFC has entered into the food mashup arena with its daring entry: The Double Down. KFC isn’t the first to combine several existing menu items and mash them up into a new and wholly outrageous combination. McDonald’s is known for at least two McMashups of their own. Leave it up to the Colonel to create […]

Miami Hurricanes Ranked #10 In BCS Standings

Miami’s 27-7 victory over the University of Central Florida helped the ‘Canes secure the #10 BCS ranking in its first publishing of the season

Miami Hurricanes Only Watch Spongebob

Miami coach Randy Shannon explains why the Miami Hurricanes only watch Spongebob.

Crying Sooner Boy Brings Joy To My Life Today

An image of an Oklahoma Sooner fan reminds me of my own sports emotional vulnerabilities and then allows me to stuff those emotions in exchange for joy.

Could Baggage Surcharge Strategy Be Hurting The Airlines?

An airline’s choice to nickel and dime its customers through baggage charges seems to correlate with revenue decline.



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