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Customized Miami Hurricanes Nike Sneakers

Hurricanes motif for a new pair of kicks.

Photos from Miami

Select photos from my recent trip to Miami, FL

Miami Hurricanes Bully South Florida Bulls 31-10

Win improves Miami to a 9-3 regular season record and a chance at at 10 win season.

Fuzzy Math At Fox

Fox Chicago statisticians clearly need to learn more about data visualization.

Fantastic Pixel Art T-Shirts

Wonderfully reproduced pixel renderings of 80’s TV Stars available as T-Shirts!

Heading To Miami For Early Thanksgiving

Excitement around my pending trip to Miami this coming weekend.

Its All About The U – Luther Cambell – Behind The Scenes Video

Luke Skywalker from 2 Live Crew fame leads a recording session for the upcoming filme, The U

Dolly Parton Shills IE8 Web Slices Feature

Famed country singer, Dolly Parton, tells the world why they would benefit from IE8’s proprietary Web Slices technology.

Che: Part 2 (2008) – Movie Review

Che Guevara gets old and so does his rhetoric.

Che: Part 1 (2008) – Movie Review

Part one of the Che series follows our protagonist through the Cuban revolution.



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