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Colonel Reb To Be Replaced By Admiral Ackbar?

Long time University of Mississippi collegiate mascot, Colonel Reb, may be replaced by Star Wars character.

Naps = Good For Your Brain

U.S. scientists publish report that napping increases brain functions.

The Pizza Cone Is A Gift From Supernatural Beings

A NYC eatery creates the world’s first self-contained pizza cone.

Canes Fan Distrupts Duke Free Throw Shooter By Blowing A Conch Shell

A University of Miami student caused a ruckus at a recent UM Basketball game by insidiously and persistently blowing a conch shell.

Nerd Merit Badges – Inbox Zero

I earned my first Nerd Merit Badge today and I’m gosh darn-it, I’m proud of it. is live

Large project for national furniture manufacturer / NASCAR / IRL sponsor hits the web.

Lynx Takes A Go At Vancouver Olympic Downhill Course

A lucky photographer caught a Canadian Lynx (lynx canadensis) crossing the path of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Downhill Skiing course.

2010 Addy Awards – Big Night For Me & Mad Genius

Mad Genius earns its first ever Best In Show – Interactive Award at the 2010 Addy Awards.