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Four Years Of Sobriety

Vizualizing what four years of one day at a time looks like.

An Open Letter To Tarpon Of South Florida

As my trip to Miami draws near, my mind is drawn to Biscayne Bay and my old friend, the Tarpon.

Lynx Hijinks

SNL’s Andy Sanburg gives a Lynx a high five.

Move Over Daddy Yankee – Adriansito (AKA Mini Daddy) Es En La Casa!

Reggaeton world put on notice – a child prodigy is in our midst.

Do Not Mess With A Lynx

Video of a Lynx that somehow managed to wander into a kitchen.

Tilt-Shift Genius – The Sandpit

A magnificent look at NYC through a tilt-shift lens.

Mississippi Public School Cancels Prom In Response To Same Sex Date Request

A northern Mississippi school district finds itself in hot water after attempting to take the easy route in dealing with a student’s sexual orientation issues.

Charles Barkley Video Game

Barkley, Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa is an independent, fan-produced game that may be played on your PC.

McMashup Brunch Item: The Mc10:35

The Mc10:35 brings two McDonald’s menu items into one glorious example of American ingenuity.

SAAB Lives Again – Albeit With Dutch Owners

SAAB saved from brand death by fellow Europeans.



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