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Hot Wheels Launches Choose Your Own Adventure Promo

Hot Wheels borrows from a popular method of storytelling and updates the genre using online video in support of their branding and marketing efforts.

Colonel Reb To Be Replaced By Admiral Ackbar?

Long time University of Mississippi collegiate mascot, Colonel Reb, may be replaced by Star Wars character.

Naps = Good For Your Brain

U.S. scientists publish report that napping increases brain functions.

The Pizza Cone Is A Gift From Supernatural Beings

A NYC eatery creates the world’s first self-contained pizza cone.

Canes Fan Distrupts Duke Free Throw Shooter By Blowing A Conch Shell

A University of Miami student caused a ruckus at a recent UM Basketball game by insidiously and persistently blowing a conch shell.

Nerd Merit Badges – Inbox Zero

I earned my first Nerd Merit Badge today and I’m gosh darn-it, I’m proud of it. is live

Large project for national furniture manufacturer / NASCAR / IRL sponsor hits the web.

Lynx Takes A Go At Vancouver Olympic Downhill Course

A lucky photographer caught a Canadian Lynx (lynx canadensis) crossing the path of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Downhill Skiing course.

2010 Addy Awards – Big Night For Me & Mad Genius

Mad Genius earns its first ever Best In Show – Interactive Award at the 2010 Addy Awards.

Get Cats For Your Gold –

Turn your loose gold and gold jewelry into cold, hard cats.



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