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KFC To Serve Circulatory Clogging Skinwich?

A devilishly clever netizen crafts up the unthinkable – The KFC Skinwich.

The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint Dining Experience

Dining at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Destin, FL. is an experience one shouldn’t miss.

UM Coach Randy Shannon Leads BCS Coaches In Academic Benchmark

University of Miami football coach, Randy Shannon, is helping to create notoriety for UM in the classroom and on the field.

I Crossed Three Things Off My Bucket List This Past Weekend

A weekend trip to Acadian country in Louisiana helped me reach some of my life long goals.

God Could Solve Rubik’s Cube In 20 Moves Or Less

Computers help researchers solve the popular 80’s puzzle game in 20 moves or less.

NYC Approves Cordoba Initiative – Bloomberg Affirms Core American Values

The hallowed Ground Zero space will be home to Islamic cultural center

Campaign Against Cordoba Initiative Exposes Xenophobia In Tea Party Elites

Pervasive fear-mongering employed in an attempt to curb cultural reconciliation and tolerance with Islam.

Artist Juxtaposes Modern Russia With WW2 Archival Photographs

Taking old World War II photos, Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov carefully photoshopped them over more recent shots to make the past come alive.

Hey North Korea, You Suck At Coding.

A glance at the official North Korea government website shows that maybe the fourth estate isn’t the only thing that hasn’t made its way into the DPRK.

Marlins OF Chris Coghlan Epic Meniscus Fail

Chris Coghlan, Florida Marlins left fielder, is placed on the 15 day DL following a face-pie incident.



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