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Taco Bell Beef Is Only 88% Beef

Taco Bell has launched a new public awareness campaign touting their 88% Beef.

Jabba The Hutt Parks & Recreation Spoof

Parks & Recreation spoof video.

The Importance Of Done

Excellent presentation outlining the steps The Economist takes to prioritize and deliver features on their website.

Weekend android.

Built with androidify app.

Miami Hurricanes TV Baseball Schedule – 2011

University of Miami Baseball Schedule 2011

Permanent Record Of My Husbandship

Facebook status update. Will use for argument ammo if necessary.

New Florida Marlins Stadium Videos

Herald reporter Manny Navarro shoots a couple vids from within the confines of the new Florida Marlins Stadium.


CSI is renowned for making shit up.

Ultimate Under Construction Page: The Egyptian Presidency

The world is looking forward to your new design and deployment.

Usher Copies Homer Simpson

Mega pop star, Usher, seems to have found some peculiar inspiration for a song from none other than Homer Simpson.



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