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I Have Been Sober For Five Years Today

1,826 days of continuous sobriety including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Miami Hurricane History: The Miami Maniac Gets Married 1985

The Miami Maniac marries Mrs. Maniac at Mark Light Field

A Guide To 1980’s Sax Solos In Popular Music

The Sax Solo can turn musical crap into musical gold.

GTD (Getting Things Done) The Ben Franklin Edition

Benjamin Franklin published a well balanced work/life schedule.

Google Points Map Tech Towards The Human Body

Google Body uses cutting edge web technologies in providing a marvelous view of human anatomy.

Khoi Vinh On Grid Based Design

Video from SXSW of Khoi Vinh, former lead interactive designer at

Maps Of Africa – A Visual History

BBC launches an online feature concerning African Maps. Excellent resource.

How Many iPhone Developers Does It Take To Build A Clock?

The iPhone still has issues with automated time changes.

Bagel Haiku Post Reddited

I noticed a spike in traffic last week – it came from an old Bagel Haiku post i created way back in July of 2009 and was posted to the Food Porn reddit.

Low Tech Light For The Developing World

A Brazilian inventor has created a low-tech solution to indoor lighting.



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