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Saturday Project

Alice and I hit lowes this morn and did a little lawn beautification. It was so fun to work together. We both are proud of our little accomplishment.

I Was Interviewed By Google For This Article

Google is doing a marketing push for Google Apps in which they highlight a single company from each of the 50 states. Mad Genius, my employer, was featured for Mississippi. They called a couple weeks ago and interviewed me and a co-worker about our move to Google Apps from microsoft based email/calendar/groupware prouducts and low […]

University of Miami Athletics Rest Atop Perilous Ground

The unforeseen departure of UM Athletic Director, Kirby Hocutt, presents uncertainty and possible long-term mediocrity.

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Seen From Airplane

A lucky airline passenger takes video of the final Space Shuttle launch from 30,000 feet.



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