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Is It Wrong For Me To Not Want The Heat To Sweep?

Fan allegiance is tried for personal experiential gain.

Major General Ambrose Burnside – Best Civil War Facial Hair?

Smithsonian Magazine helps usher in Civil War sesquicentenial with Best Civil War Facial Hair competition.

Operation Adagio – Lunch With My Wife

I had lunch w/ my wife today and already I feel things getting a little slower in my life.

Canine Helped Tackle Osama

The Navy Seals landed with a dog to help take out Bin Laden.

When Life Seems The Most Out Of Balance I Know I’m On The Verge Of Harmony Once Again

Video demonstrates how a pendulum pushes towards higher entropy only to coalesce.

This Box Does Not Want You To Flip It’s Switch

Ingenious and humerous invention inhibits even the most ardent switch flipping attempts.

German TV News Prefers Star Trek Over Navy Seals

N24, a German news channel, inadvertently broadcast a Star Trek fanboy logo instead of the real Seal Team Six logo.

My Dog Would Totally Do This If I Could Actually Take Her Out In Public Without Fear Of Her Having A Jack Russel Heart Attack

Dog repeatedly attempts to coax statue into throwing stick.