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Old Sitepoint Article Referenced on FatDux

A belated thanks to the folks at FatDux for mentioning my article.

Over is Right – Under is Wrong. End of Discussion.

In the age old debate on how to place the TP on the TP holder, Over wins.

Top 10 Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon Reviews become source of snarky internet humor

Behind The Scenes Video – Empire State of Mind – State Farm 9/11 Tribute

State Farm’s 9/11 tribute video – behind the scenes.

Kiva Microfinance Visualization – How Millions Move Millions

Kiva, a leading Microfinance organization, recently published a video which depicts the sum total of their loans and repayments overlayed upon a map of the globe.

In 1960’s America, Men Did Not Know How To Make Their Own Coffee

Video of 1960’s coffee ads in which the men are real jerks.