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The Publix Ultimate Sub – Haiku

I love Publix and their fresh deli subs. Since I moved to Mississippi about 5 years ago, I’ve missed this treat. Whenever I’m in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama, I always try and stop and pick one up.

Call Data Sheds Light On Cross Border Connections

IBM & MIT worked together to analyze AT&T calling patterns and what emerged were pockets of telephonic connected-ness that often span traditional U.S. State boundaries.

Southern Sudan – Flag

July 9, 2011 brought with it the dawn of a new nation – Southern Sudan. Learn about its new flag and its sybolism.

To Buy A Schwinn Bicycle I Would Have To Drive At Least 1.5 Hours

Jackson, MS doesn’t have a single bike shop that carries the venerable Schwinn brand.

Video – Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Great video overview of Stuxnet.

Will My Son Ever Understand The Important Link Between These Two Objects?

Lifehacking solutions of a bye-gone era.

Headed to MIA for game six of nba finals

Short trip to attend game.

ABC’s Work-It A Bosom Buddies Rip-Off

ABC regurgitates 80’s sitcom for Fall 2011 lineup.

Is It Wrong For Me To Not Want The Heat To Sweep?

Fan allegiance is tried for personal experiential gain.

Major General Ambrose Burnside – Best Civil War Facial Hair?

Smithsonian Magazine helps usher in Civil War sesquicentenial with Best Civil War Facial Hair competition.



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