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A Note To PJ

My friend PJ took his own life a year ago. Here’s a little note I wrote to him wherever he is.

NASA’s Latest Mars Rover – 7 Minutes of Terror – Video

Great video from NASA about the seven minutes of terror – the time between entering the Martian atmosphere and landing.

Summer 2012 Photos

A few photos from Summer 2012

Eating Salad With A Spoon Oddly Unsatisfying

You wouldn’t think the utensil used to eat something would have much of an impact on the experience, but alas, it does.

Site Launch – Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting launches mobile friendly website.

Maggie On The Rez

Maggie loves adventure.

Google Taking On Facebook’s Open Graph With What It Calls The Knowledge Graph

Google is not about to let Facebook gain the upperhand when it comes to providing contextualized data and the Knowledge Graph is their secret weapon.

Klout Thinks I’m Influential Concerning Brett Favre

Online influence measurement tool Klout has a poor idea of what I’m influential about.

Google Features My Quote On Google Apps for Business Marketing Site

Google is using a quote of mine to help market Google Apps for businesses.

These Stormtroopers Have Moves!

Delightfully animated Stormtroopers dance to modern track.



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