I’m Rob Rubinoff. I live in Mississippi. I used to live in Miami, and like many, you may wonder what a Miami (gringo) boy is doing smack-dab in the buckle of  the Bible Belt. That’s a long story. Suffice to say however,  I’ve found that life takes many twists and turns. Some of the best corners on my road through life have been here in Mississippi.


I build websites. I lead their strategy, content strategy,  information architecture, design, development, and deployment. I help companies and organizations use the web and related technologies to augment their communication abilities. I enjoy what I do tremendously. I have a life-long passion for learning and in my work I have the ability to feed this yen on a daily basis. Unlike many in this business, I enjoy the business development process – I enjoy learning about companies and their particular problems, needs and aspirations – and then crafting interactive media solutions aimed at providing clients with a means of reaching strategic business goals.


M.A. University of Miami – Coral Gables, FL
Concentrations: International Studies, International Business. 1999

B.A. Wheaton College – Norton, MA
Double Major: Anthropology, World Religion. 1994


I speak three languages including:

  • EnglishNative language; Impeccable verbal and written competencies.
  • Español Advanced verbal and written competencies; 8 years secondary and college courses; 20+ years semi-immersion in Miami, Spain, Venezuela.
  • Kiswahili Good verbal and Slight written competencies. 2 years total immersion in Tanzania, East Africa.
    Eti! Utashangaa kwamba mzungu kama mimi anaweza kuongea kiswahili eh!


This website is an example of my work. The site was built using the 960bc theme – which stands for 960 Blank Canvas. 960.gs is a css framework I’ve been working with and have become quite proficient with. When redesigning this site I explicitly sought out base wordpress themes which employed the framework.