2016 Olympic Logos

Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo face off in a logo design showdown.

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5 August 2009


2016 Olympic Logos

Personally, I find the Madrid and Tokyo the most expressive and indicative of the geography they represent. The Madrid logo in particular includes some of that Spanish love of life and humanity that permeates that nation. The multicolored hand seems fun to me – vibrant – exciting.

The Tokyo entrant with its rising sun clearly indicates where the games will be held. Tokyo’s ribbon ‘tying’ the world togther is a nice touch I feel.

Chicago’s logo seems bland to me. I see no risks and needed to be educated that the star at its center is a ‘chicago’ star featured on the city’s flag.

Rio? Meh.

The Doha (Qatar), Baku (Azerbijian) and Praha (Prague, Czech Republic) did not make it to the final four.


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