District 9 (2009) – Movie Review

This alien focused thriller sheds light on human racism.

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28 December 2009



District 9 (2009) puts us in Johannesburg, South Africa, some two decades since an alien race landed and took up residence in the city. The aliens have been marginalized by the humans and have taken up residence in a federally controlled area called District 9. They share this squalid locale with other unwelcome guests including a group of Nigerian refugees – although we are unclear as to how or why the Nigerians are in South Africa.

I found the film very enjoyable, not the least of which stemming from the irony of South Africa once again being placed in a position where they are placing entities within defined locations to cordon them off from the general population like they did during Apartheid. The bureaucratic machinery of institutionalized racism is the real star of this movie as is the parastatal multinational corporation charged with implementing the state’s plans.


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