IKEA Switches To Verdana

Design-friendly IKEA selects a web-centric font for their global brand identity.

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27 August 2009


Swedish furniture manufacturer and retailer, IKEA, recently made a typographical switch from Futura and Century Gothic, to a web-friendly font, Verdana. Their minimalist and intelligent designs coupled with their competitive pricing have made the firm a hit with modern design conscious consumers. Verdana, a web-safe font produced by Microsoft, often gains the scorn of design purists I think mainly because of its ubiquity.

In a move that I feel may be adopted by other forward thinking brands, IKEA has chosen Verdana as its sole font on the grounds of it being of core-relevancy on the web. Read: The web is getting so very important to our business that it makes sense to redo years of brand standards and use a font that can be deployed across multiple platforms and across multiple languages.


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