In The Electric Mist (2009) – Movie Review

Tommy Lee Jones stars in this Louisiana bayou murder mystery.

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15 July 2009


In The Electric Mist

Have you ever noticed that Tommy Lee Jones tends to play Tommy Lee Jones in every movie he’s in? There is very little differentiation between characters in his roles. Nevertheless, he does a really good job at playing Tommy Lee Jones and in this film, he portrays a local Parish cop who stumbles upon a genuine who-done-it.

I think the book by the same title would be better than this film. I know that’s true for many book/movie translations, but this one strikes me as one that would benefit from a backstory and more detail. Truth be told the plot stumbles something fierce more than a few times during this film. There is this whole ghostly/Civil War/hallucination thing going on that never rightly gets the attention it deserves to make it understandable.

The reason I give it a 3+ rating is because of its setting, locations and being cast in backwater Louisiana towns. I have something of an affinity for that part of the world lately and I’ve been keen to learn everything I can about the strange ass culture that makes up the bayou.


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