Is Ghostbusters The Greatest Film Of All Time?

A Cute & Witty Brit, Caitlin Moran, makes her case and asks for your support.

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7 July 2009


GhostbustersIt was 25 years ago this week that a cast of NYC nerdy misfits took America by storm – bringing such seminal phrases as “I am the Keymaster’ into the popular lexicon. The film combined such summer stalwarts as funny, geeky, irreverent, scary and a touch of sexy into a true family-friendly movie experience.

Caitlin Moran, a writer for The Times in the UK, posits that Ghostbusters be considered one of the greatest films of all time. Although her reason may border on the tangential and sometimes spurious, she gives it a good go. In the end, I’m left with a sense that there is some melancholy for the lack of critical attention that comedies receive. To win critical appeal in the movie business, it seems as though you need to be dramatic and serious. What’s wrong w/ silly? Dumb & Dumber, Turner & Hooch, Throw Mama From The Train, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are just a few that are some of my favorite movies of all time. None of them received critical appeal.

So put yourself back in the summer of 1984. Other than the Olympics, can you name anything of significance that happened? I bet you can’t.

Everyone loved Ghostbusters. It was awesome. Zany kooks speeding around NYC in a converted hearse wearing coveralls and wielding portable nuclear ghost trapping devices strapped to their backs. Its still a great Saturday afternoon flic.

Greatest film of all time? Probably not. Worthy of critical mention as a movie that entertains millions and millions of viewers? Definitely.


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