Movie Review: Mad Max

The original installment of the Mad Max trilogy.

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21 July 2008


3 of 5

Mel Gibson as Mad Max

Mel Gibson stars in this first installment of the Mad Max trilogy. A member of an ineffectual police force and justice apparatus, Max increasingly becomes disenchanted with the official channels of jurisprudence. Roving gangs of motorcycle marauders wreak havoc upon a frightened and impotent citizenry. Things become personal for Max with the loss of 3 important people in his life and employing the use of a newly engineered ‘interceptor’ muscle car, Max seeks revenge.

The dialogue in Mad Max is hokey at best. Clearly the screenplay wasn’t considered for any sort of award. What the film lacks in dialogue I believe it makes up for in its cinematographic style. In particular, I think I could watch a full movie full of Mad Max’s long shots of souped up V8’s covering ground across a highly desolate landscape, awesome cornering, and the immersive cuts to the drivers augmeted with the roar of the engine.

So despite the cheesy dialogue and relatively low-production value look to the film, I am giving it a decent rating of 3.5 / 5 because of its cinematography and because it sets the stage for what I remember to be an awesome 2nd installment. Without this backstory, we’re lost as to why Max is so hellbent on becoming the future’s only viable form of social justice. I’m now pretty psyched to take another look at the second and third installments having seen this film.


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