Semi Pro (2008) – Movie Review

Will Farrel stars as Jackie Moon – Owner, Player, and Promoter of the ABA’s Flint Tropics.

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18 January 2009



Four aspects of this movie I enjoyed:

  1. The bear scene. I can’t help laughing when a man is mauled by a bear. Just can’t.
  2. The lead in montage that provides the whole back-story in about 2 minutes, thus relieving the viewer from having to sit through the invariable “They’re trying to take [ insert important gym, team, playground, etc ] away from us and we need to do [ X ] by [ enter ridiculously tight timeline ] to save it!”
  3. The interesting idea of what happens to fringe teams when their league is absorbed as was the ABA by the NBA.
  4. Inclusion of the 3-point shot for historical accuracy.

Despite these plus items, do yourself a favor and wait for this to play on a Tuesday night on Comedy Central or even until it makes its way to TBS. No need to rent this movie – even via Netflix.

I write this despite my normally enjoying Will Farrel flix.


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