The Changeling (2008) — Movie Review

Angelina Jolie stars in this stirring drama set in 1920’s Los Angeles.

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15 November 2008


2.5 of 5


This film should have been a 4 out of 5 affair. 1920’s gritty L.A. period piece, plus. Great acting by Jolie, and the rest of the cast, plus. Very compelling and emotive storyline, plus. Historical significance, plus. Costumes and set design (i thought i was in 1929), plus.

So what killed this film for me?


There seemed to be at least four endings to this film. At each juncture when I thought all was wrapped up, the screen would fade to black and instead of credits rolling, I’d be faced with a new dateline. My hunch is that test audiences wanted closure, wanted things neatly wrapped up for them – either that or there was a much longer version with some continuity that got snipped and edited down to the resulting group of unconnected micro-closings that make up the film’s last 30 or so minutes.

Wait for DVD. Gripping tale and one I knew nothing about. Wait for DVD however.


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