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A Crisis of Masculinity with Today’s Boys

Compared to a girl the same age, a boy in late adolescence is 7 times more likely to die by his own hand.

The Onion Pokes Fun At The Atlantic With Taliban Sponsored Advertorial

Online humor and social critique website, The Onion, hacks at The Atlantic and Scientology online cred in one fell swoop.

BMW – Global Icon of Leftist Terror?

Documentary posits that Baader-Mainhoff helped make BMW cool.

NASA Control Room Attire Comparison

NASA’s control room attire has gone from geek-cool to just plain lame.

Eating Salad With A Spoon Oddly Unsatisfying

You wouldn’t think the utensil used to eat something would have much of an impact on the experience, but alas, it does.

Mississippi Leads U.S. in Teen Pregnancy Rate

Southern states rate highest in Teen Pregnancy, with Mississippi leading the pack.

Columbia House Continues to Serve as Country’s Prime Poor Financial Decision Making Tool

Columbia House is still peddling the same business model – only now with DVD’s. Despite the rising cliff of market-force opposition to their model, they still cling to the same pitch. Get 3 DVD’s for only $2.99 and then, be on the hook for a new DVD each month for the exorbitant sum of around $25. I wonder how many other kids learned from a Columbia House experience?

Digital Magazine The Redditor Compiles Popular Reddits For Traditional Magazine-Like Consumption

New Role for Print Editors in the Digital Age?

Cormac McCarthy’s Yelp Reviews

One of America’s greatest contemporary authors publishes his penned yelp reviews for all to see.



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