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The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint Dining Experience

Dining at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Destin, FL. is an experience one shouldn’t miss.

I Crossed Three Things Off My Bucket List This Past Weekend

A weekend trip to Acadian country in Louisiana helped me reach some of my life long goals.

God Could Solve Rubik’s Cube In 20 Moves Or Less

Computers help researchers solve the popular 80’s puzzle game in 20 moves or less.

NYC Approves Cordoba Initiative – Bloomberg Affirms Core American Values

The hallowed Ground Zero space will be home to Islamic cultural center

Campaign Against Cordoba Initiative Exposes Xenophobia In Tea Party Elites

Pervasive fear-mongering employed in an attempt to curb cultural reconciliation and tolerance with Islam.

The Price Is Right Hacked By Game Junkie

Former TV weatherman divulges the not-so-hidden patterns and wins big.

The New Yorker Oil Spill Cover

Wonderful illustration depicting the gulf oil spill calamity

The Indian Rupee To Gain International Symbol

India’s currency, the Rupee, will join the ranks of the Dollar, Yen, Pound, and Euro having its own official symbol.

Will Hunting Was Pretty Darn Close To Being Right

Good Will Hunting’s (1997) prescient prognostication of toeay’s global affairs.

Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt From Friendly’s Puts Mere Burgers To Shame

The New England based franchise, Friendly’s, is launching a new burger that uses full grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.



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