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Here’s A Good Reason Why There Should Continue To Be Reluctance For Increased Oil Drilling & Transport

Accidents happen. But as we learned in the Gulf in 2010, accidents in the extraction industries can have massive repercussions.

Microwaves Have Too Many Buttons

In attempting to provide enhanced features, Microwave manufacturers have made their products overly complex.

Eating Salad With A Spoon Oddly Unsatisfying

You wouldn’t think the utensil used to eat something would have much of an impact on the experience, but alas, it does.

Google Taking On Facebook’s Open Graph With What It Calls The Knowledge Graph

Google is not about to let Facebook gain the upperhand when it comes to providing contextualized data and the Knowledge Graph is their secret weapon.

Columbia House Continues to Serve as Country’s Prime Poor Financial Decision Making Tool

Columbia House is still peddling the same business model – only now with DVD’s. Despite the rising cliff of market-force opposition to their model, they still cling to the same pitch. Get 3 DVD’s for only $2.99 and then, be on the hook for a new DVD each month for the exorbitant sum of around $25. I wonder how many other kids learned from a Columbia House experience?

People Management ProTip – Avoid The Word “JOB” Whenever Possible

I received this bit of advice today from someone I respect at work and felt it worthy of documenting here in hopes of helping others encoutering similar obstacles to great work in their work lives and quite possibly as a personal reminder for myself. When dealing with people at work, it is best to avoid […]

Jan 18 Internet Blackout Displays Democratic Power Of A Web-Enabled Populace

I took part in a protest of sorts yesterday along with millions of other citizens against some legal measures that, if enacted, would likely severely limit what websites I have access to. This post is not to hash out the arguments for and against. Rather, its meant as a testament to the incredible Power (with […]

Why Is Kenya Being Such an International Relations Badass Lately?

Kenya recently launched a cross border invasion to expel Al-Shabab fighters from the lawlessness of southern Somalia. This along with other actions are interesting for a country typically concerned with issues in its own borders.

To Buy A Schwinn Bicycle I Would Have To Drive At Least 1.5 Hours

Jackson, MS doesn’t have a single bike shop that carries the venerable Schwinn brand.

Will My Son Ever Understand The Important Link Between These Two Objects?

Lifehacking solutions of a bye-gone era.



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