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Rabbit Proof Fence – Movie Review

This Australian film depicts the harrowing true-life account of three aboriginal girls.

The U.S. of Grey

Fear is gripping my country.

The Foot Fist Way: Movie Review

A dark comedy with biting dialogue, The Foot Fist Way is destined to be a cult comedy favorite.

The Threadcount Conspiracy

Bed bath and hype when it comes to selling linens.

Movie Review: The Hidden Fortress

A warrior secrets a princess away with the help of two peasants. My first Kurasawa film.

Movie Review: To Catch A Thief

Grace Kelly and Carey Grant star in an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Obama – Biden Presidential Ticket

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are leaders that give me hope

Movie Review: The Fog of War

Errol Morris documentary film concerning life of Robert McNamara

Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

This film delivers on its promise of raucous and offending comedy.

Movie Review: Mad Max

The original installment of the Mad Max trilogy.



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