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ABC’s Work-It A Bosom Buddies Rip-Off

ABC regurgitates 80’s sitcom for Fall 2011 lineup.

Flip Video: From Gadget Darling To Obsolescence In Two Years

Was the Flip Video a fad or are consumers just moving at warp speed?

Dear Representative Tom Marino (R) Pennsylvania, You’re an idiot.

Republican Congressman let’s the world know he has no business being on the Foreign Affairs committee.

How Many iPhone Developers Does It Take To Build A Clock?

The iPhone still has issues with automated time changes.

University of Miami Athletics Rest Atop Perilous Ground

The unforeseen departure of UM Athletic Director, Kirby Hocutt, presents uncertainty and possible long-term mediocrity.

Dear Mississippi, When It Comes To Weather, You Need To Grow A Pair

Short rant concerning Mississippi’s proclivity to shut down at the first sight of a flurry.

Jon Gruden Is Chucky – Chucky Is Jon Gruden

UM Football Coach hopeful, Jon Gruden, holds a peculiar resemblance to Chucky – and vice versa…

U.S. Tax Cuts – A Visualization

There’s been a lot of talk in political circles concerning the¬†extension¬†of the Bush era tax cuts. I’m not going to get into the fudging of semantics on the issue where one side calls a repeal of a tax cut a tax increase and vice versa (petty political bull). I do however wish to present this […]

Three Work Email Subjects That Go Straight To The Trash

Nuff said

NYC Approves Cordoba Initiative – Bloomberg Affirms Core American Values

The hallowed Ground Zero space will be home to Islamic cultural center



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