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Campaign Against Cordoba Initiative Exposes Xenophobia In Tea Party Elites

Pervasive fear-mongering employed in an attempt to curb cultural reconciliation and tolerance with Islam.

BP Caught Lying With Pictures Too

Crappy Photoshop skills employed to alter the truth (i.e., lie)

RIP Manute Bol

Former NBA center, Manute Bol, passed away yesterday.

Wireless Charging – A Technology No One Really Needs

The Powermat Wirelesss Charging System is probably something no one needs.

@BPGlobalPR – How The Internet Hacks At Giants

Excerpts from the unoficial BP PR twitter feed and #bpcares

World Cup Nation Comparison: GDP/Capita

This graph explores a popular Human Development Indicator (HDI), Gross Domestic Product / capita.

Video Tour of the New House

Quick and dirty video tour so the fam in Miami can see!

2 Simple Reasons Why Offshore Drilling Sucks

Some thoughts on offshore drilling in the midst of a resulting catastrophe

Florida Marlins Anthem By Scott Stapp Of Creed Fame

The Florida Marlins start each home game with what might be the lamest intro video ever created.

An Open Letter To Tarpon Of South Florida

As my trip to Miami draws near, my mind is drawn to Biscayne Bay and my old friend, the Tarpon.



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