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Finding My Happy Place In A Porsche 911 YouTube Video

The Porsche 911 is arguably the world’s most quintessential sports cars. Late 1970’s and early 1980’s models are my favorite.

VW Welcomes 2015 Golf MKVII to NYC – Video

New York Auto Show premier dazzles with awesome video effects.

BMW – Global Icon of Leftist Terror?

Documentary posits that Baader-Mainhoff helped make BMW cool.

Take a 25 Minute Video Tour of Space Station

NASA Space Station Commander Sunita WIlliams hosts a sweet 25 minute video tour.

Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Infographic

Well designed infographic demonstrates plot twists as it routes character stories through Return of the Jedi.

Hi-Res Images from Mars Rover Now Arriving

Out of this world doesn’t begin to give these images justice.

Red Bull F1 Car Takes A Lap Around Jersey & NYC

Global brand Red Bull helps build excitement for U.S. based F1 Race with stunning video.

NASA Rover Curiosity’s Decent to the Martian Surface – Video

Video shows rover touchdown on Mars.

NASA’s Latest Mars Rover – 7 Minutes of Terror – Video

Great video from NASA about the seven minutes of terror – the time between entering the Martian atmosphere and landing.

These Stormtroopers Have Moves!

Delightfully animated Stormtroopers dance to modern track.



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