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When Life Seems The Most Out Of Balance I Know I’m On The Verge Of Harmony Once Again

Video demonstrates how a pendulum pushes towards higher entropy only to coalesce.

This Box Does Not Want You To Flip It’s Switch

Ingenious and humerous invention inhibits even the most ardent switch flipping attempts.

German TV News Prefers Star Trek Over Navy Seals

N24, a German news channel, inadvertently broadcast a Star Trek fanboy logo instead of the real Seal Team Six logo.

My Dog Would Totally Do This If I Could Actually Take Her Out In Public Without Fear Of Her Having A Jack Russel Heart Attack

Dog repeatedly attempts to coax statue into throwing stick.

GTD (Getting Things Done) The Ben Franklin Edition

Benjamin Franklin published a well balanced work/life schedule.

Google Points Map Tech Towards The Human Body

Google Body uses cutting edge web technologies in providing a marvelous view of human anatomy.

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Seen From Airplane

A lucky airline passenger takes video of the final Space Shuttle launch from 30,000 feet.

Taco Bell Beef Is Only 88% Beef

Taco Bell has launched a new public awareness campaign touting their 88% Beef.

Advertising Fail: Summer’s Eve Career Advice

Fleet Laboratories unleashes untactful pseudo empowering ad on the masses.

University of Miami Tops Florida Universities In US News & World Report Poll

The Miami Hurricanes rank higher than the UF Gators and FSU Seminoles in academics.



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