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Leave It To Apple – Laptop With No Keyboard! Awesome!

Technology and product innovator, Apple Computer, has released the first keyboard-less notebook computer. Awesome!

Good ‘Ole Games – Affordable Game Downloads

Website provides quality XP/Vista ready games from yesteryear at cut-rate prices.

Puppet Show Audience Horrified

Video shows overboard reaction by child who may have wet himself.

Lego Bible

Website re-enacts biblical passages with Legos.

Online Drum Machine

An easy way to kill thirty minutes.

Video: How To Remove Your McCain Palin Bumper Sticker

Your continued support is utterly unnecessary

Terry Tate Office Linebacker Is Back!

An internet video star makes a comeback promoting voter registration and turnout.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

The Jolly Roger is one of western societies most recognizable flags.

The Finest Corinthian Leather

Ricardo Montalbnán commercial for the Chrysler Cordoba.



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