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Oh Yeah, I Bought A House, Moved In, Began Co-Habitating, and Celebrated My First Father’s Day

The most amazing 72 hours of my life.

Video Tour of the New House

Quick and dirty video tour so the fam in Miami can see!

Guy In Training: How To Remove A Lawn Mower Blade

The internet offers GIT’s great ways to overcome our deficiencies and put us on the path towards full man-ness.

Four Years Of Sobriety

Vizualizing what four years of one day at a time looks like.

Nerd Merit Badges – Inbox Zero

I earned my first Nerd Merit Badge today and I’m gosh darn-it, I’m proud of it. is live

Large project for national furniture manufacturer / NASCAR / IRL sponsor hits the web.

2010 Addy Awards – Big Night For Me & Mad Genius

Mad Genius earns its first ever Best In Show – Interactive Award at the 2010 Addy Awards.

I am 38.5 Years Old Today

That’s 1/2 of  77 years old. Clearly I’m due for a mid-life crisis. I need a Dodge Challenger bad.

Naps looking to have a banner year in 2010.

A look at my personal napping trends for 2010 thus far.

Photos from Miami

Select photos from my recent trip to Miami, FL



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