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Image: Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Image = NSFEP (Not Safe For Evolution Phobic)

Tech Talkin’ Grandma Video

She’s simply awesome and geek’s dream come true…

Chart of Charts

Do not delve too deeply as you might break the universe.

WAPT Jackson, MS News Lead-In

Camera man jams out to early 90’s techno-pop news music.

Obama Transparency @ the /root

New website opens itself up to the internets

Wingsuit Base Jumping is Amazing!

Daredevils live the dreams of many by taking flight using wingsuit.

My Obamicon

Obamicons are such the rage these days…

Hamburger Bed

A bed in the shape and likeness of a hamburger.

The Computer Mouse Turns 40

Video from features short interview with the Mouse inventor, Doug Engelbert.

Leave It To Apple – Laptop With No Keyboard! Awesome!

Technology and product innovator, Apple Computer, has released the first keyboard-less notebook computer. Awesome!



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