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Jan 18 Internet Blackout Displays Democratic Power Of A Web-Enabled Populace

I took part in a protest of sorts yesterday along with millions of other citizens against some legal measures that, if enacted, would likely severely limit what websites I have access to. This post is not to hash out the arguments for and against. Rather, its meant as a testament to the incredible Power (with […]

Koi To The World – Funny Holiday Video From Mad Genius

The team at Mad Genius created this funny holiday video and recently released it to the world. I make my cameo at the end and get to show off my vocal chords.

Why go on? What’s the point? Does my life have worth? And other questions that arise when I watch videos like this

6th grade braniac who’s killing it in the iTunes App store. This shit often makes me want to curl up and call it all quits.

Cormac McCarthy’s Yelp Reviews

One of America’s greatest contemporary authors publishes his penned yelp reviews for all to see.

Site Launch – St. Anthony Catholic School

Great new website for a great client.

Old Sitepoint Article Referenced on FatDux

A belated thanks to the folks at FatDux for mentioning my article.

Top 10 Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon Reviews become source of snarky internet humor

Kiva Microfinance Visualization – How Millions Move Millions

Kiva, a leading Microfinance organization, recently published a video which depicts the sum total of their loans and repayments overlayed upon a map of the globe.

In 1960’s America, Men Did Not Know How To Make Their Own Coffee

Video of 1960’s coffee ads in which the men are real jerks.

What do Sanger CA, Chantilly VA and Linthicum Heights MD Have in Common?

I came across a suspicious trend while looking at some of Google’s hot searches and wonder who or what may be the culprit.



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