Archive for category: The Internets Fails In Categorizing Their Own Vehicles’s menu system mis-categorizes vehicles

Video – Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Great video overview of Stuxnet.

This Box Does Not Want You To Flip It’s Switch

Ingenious and humerous invention inhibits even the most ardent switch flipping attempts.

Google Points Map Tech Towards The Human Body

Google Body uses cutting edge web technologies in providing a marvelous view of human anatomy.

Khoi Vinh On Grid Based Design

Video from SXSW of Khoi Vinh, former lead interactive designer at

Bagel Haiku Post Reddited

I noticed a spike in traffic last week – it came from an old Bagel Haiku post i created way back in July of 2009 and was posted to the Food Porn reddit.

The Importance Of Done

Excellent presentation outlining the steps The Economist takes to prioritize and deliver features on their website.


CSI is renowned for making shit up.

Ultimate Under Construction Page: The Egyptian Presidency

The world is looking forward to your new design and deployment.

IE9 Download Fail – The Sequel

Further attempts to download IE9 have been thwarted.



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