Another Sign Of The Pending American Fat-Pocolypse

Domino’s Pizza creates world’s most efficient carbohydrate delivery device.

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23 April 2009


Domino's BreadBowl Pasta

I’m all in favor of combining carbohydrates in fun and exciting ways. Pretty much every kid in America experimented on an at least semi-permanent basis with the placement of fries in their McD’s burger. One of the great leaps in carbo-combination foods came with the advent of the Bread Bowl – used most often to serve soups and stews.

Domino’s has now upped the ante with their BreadBowl Pasta, Pasta So Good, You’ll Devour The Bowl. Am I surprised at this? A little. It is such an affront to conventional dietary wisdom, I thought it a lampoon at first glance. No way could Domino’s REALLY intend on placing a Carb inside another Carb and then almost dare me to eat the container it came in!  But alas, this is what Domino’s Pizza has done.

Just as Phillip Morris and their ilk have dutifully worked to create their near perfect nicotine delivery device, so too has Domino’s Pizza with their carb trojan extrordinaire, the BreadBowl Pasta.


One Response to “Another Sign Of The Pending American Fat-Pocolypse”

  1. Toby says:

    Dominos must have whole teams of people working on finding new ways to sell frozen pizza dough. They’ve really out done themselves this time. But why couldn’t the pizza crust bowl be stuffed with cheese?


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