Breaking Food Mashup News: KFC’s Double Down To Hit Counters And Drivethrus April 12

Employing two fried chicken breasts for buns, the Double Down from KFC is this spring’s most anticipated food mashup.

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2 April 2010




KFC announced today via its website that it will begin offering the much anticipated Double Down sandwich menu item starting April 12, 2010 across most of its U.S. mainland restaurants and buffets. The Double Down is one of a growing number of Food Mashups that combine traditional menu items into new and sometimes nauseating combinations.

My earlier post on the Double Down mentions the specific ingredients for this culinary monstrosity. The Double Dare sandwich includes the following tantalizing ingredients:

  • 2 Original Recipe chicken breast fillets
  • Bacon
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Colonel’s Sauce (not quite sure what is in the Colonel’s sauce but I’m sure its delicious)

Check out the Double Down’s new digs on the KFC website (complete with Double Down countdown clock!!).


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