Capitol City Throwdown II – Jackson Mississippi

Jackson’s own Redneck MMA trouppe to hold event May 30, 2009

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28 May 2009


Psychout MMA - Capitol City Throwdown

Like millions of others, I have over the past year or so grown to enjoy the once villified sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). There are two mainline leagues with major TV deals – UFC and WEC – and a host of smaller leagues that are clearly of the bushleague variety. Psychout MMA based in Jackson, MS is one such bushleague outfit. I don’t mean any disrespect by this – I actually enjoy it. I’m excited to let loose a little, shout “Kick his ass C-Bass”, or “Donkey Punch’em!” to my heart’s content.

Check out for the scoop and a peek at some skank-a-licious ring-girls!!


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