Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich – Review

Popular chicken franchise unleashes its spicy side to the foodiverse.

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1 June 2010


chick-fil-a-spicy-chicken-sandwich-photoChick-fil-A is running a promotion to help launch their new Spicy Chicken Sandwich menu item in fans of the chain could print out coupons to receive a free sandwich a few days this week and next.

I arrived with a couple of my Mad Genius cohorts to the Madison, MS location, coupon in hand and were treated to wonderful personalized service from a staff of dedicated spicy promotion employees. The restaurant even had a good portion of their floor reserved for ‘Spicy VIP’s’ complete with table cloths, fire engine sirens and other ‘it’s hot in here’ type regalia.

Best of all, we were treated to a full combo meal (fries + drink), not just the sandwich as promised by the coupon. Way to go! Probably the best post long-weekend treat I’ve had in ages.

The sandwich itself is pretty darn good. I love me a buffalo / spicy chicken sandwich and this is one that can certainly be added to my repertoire.

I’m really impressed with Chick-fil-A’s promotion and personal service. The sandwich was awesome.


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  1. CM says:

    I live a few hours away from Madison but when I’m around the area which does have a few other Chickfila locations. I always choose the Madison location. They are indeed the cleanest. Nicest/friendliest staff. If they see you have more than you can handle, they always (for me atleast and I am sure others as well) bring your food/tray/drink to your table for you. They always remember to say thank you and ask how you’re doing today. I just prefer this location over every other location. They know what they’re doing and they never act like they hate their job… No matter HOW HARD or HOW BUSY they get. THEY NEVER SHOW ON THEIR FACES that it is ever too much for them. That is something I’ve NEVER seen in any other restaurant. Big, cheap, exspencive, or small! This is def. rated #1.


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