Cormac McCarthy’s Yelp Reviews

One of America’s greatest contemporary authors publishes his penned yelp reviews for all to see.

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9 November 2011


I totally love Cormac McCarthy’s books. His abrupt, rich and pithy writing style is a favorite of mine. I was so excited today to learn that he has a collection of Yelp reviews nicely gathered via a tumblr blog.

From his entry for a McDonalds in Reno, NV we’re presented with:

He pulled another cold french fry from the greasestained Happy Meal box. He ate it slowly. The sun rising behind him over the limestone bluffs. The barren valley and the road winding through it still in morning’s blue shadow. He wiped his hand on his jacket and checked the breech of the big Weatherby. Bullet as long as man’s finger sitting there. He lay down on the blanket, the rifle’s barrel resting on the saddlebag, and glassed downcountry with the telescopic sight. The dusty road was empty. He waited.


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