Eating Salad With A Spoon Oddly Unsatisfying

You wouldn’t think the utensil used to eat something would have much of an impact on the experience, but alas, it does.

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27 June 2012



I tried eating a salad today with a spoon. It wasn’t a very satisfying¬†experience. I suspect for some asian food eaters using a fork may bring about the same feeling. I also suspect that there is a very long german word that perfectly encapsulates this incongruity.

The salad was yummy. I picked it up from Corner Bakery Cafe** I ordered the chopped salad which is really chopped up well which got me thinking why bother with the fork, let’s just put it in a bowl and spoon it today. So that’s what I did. I ate my salad with a spoon.

I missed the hunt and peck and crunch exhilaration I typically get from a salad eating experience. I missed the sound of God’s succulent vegetable bounty being pierced with a sharp metal object. I missed the feel of the gentle resistance chicken will give before being impaled with the four prongs of my fork.

Instead, I found myself scooping and shoveling. I will not do this again for it was an errant path.

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