Flip Video: From Gadget Darling To Obsolescence In Two Years

Was the Flip Video a fad or are consumers just moving at warp speed?

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12 April 2011


flip-videoCisco is killing The Flip video camera..

Just a couple years ago, I marveled¬†at how compact, how cool, how ‘youtube’ ready a camera like The Flip made me. Now I never bought a Flip – I went for the less expensive and higher quality (at the time) Kodak – but the point was the same. Here was a pretty compact HD video camera that would allow me to shoot video like I would normally shoot photos.

So what happened? Why is Cisco killing the product and 550 jobs?

  • Technology steamrolled the Flip.
  • A video-only device can’t cut it.
  • iPhones & Androids can take pretty good video by themselves and will probably be offering HD before too long.

Reminder: Innovate at the speed of now or die.


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