Google Drops Their Phone On The Universe

The Google Nexus One is a device to be reckoned with.

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5 January 2010


nexus1Google isn’t cool or hip or trendsetting. Apple is all of those things.

Google is practical. Google is smart. Google isn’t high design – its public design. Its utilitarianism without any brushed aluminum or high tensile titanium.

Google breaks molds (ms office paradigm) and educates. It connects. It connects people and ideas and products.

I currently have accounts or profiles or have used 16 different Google sites and services. Last year, the company I worked for moved our mail server to Gmail and I now use Chrome, Gmail, Calendar and Docs as my mainstay at work. Google is infiltrating my life.

Practically everything I have ever touched that has the name Google on it amazes me and helps me be creative and helps me expand my knowledge.

The newly announced Google Nexus One phone, I expect, will do the same. Google people are ridiculously smart. I’ve been waiting for this convergent device since I bought my first IPaq Pocket PC in the mid 2000’s. That day has come.

PS – Alice is the love of my life.


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